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CATCH – Children and Trauma Community Hub – helps education professionals build their knowledge and understanding of:

  • Looked-after children

  • Previously looked-after children

  • Children with a social worker

CATCH (formerly The Adopter Hub) was originally developed as a pilot in 2017 with a grant from the Department of Education to provide accessible information and support for adopters. It has now grown to partner with education professionals in recognition of the vital role they play in helping children to reach their full potential.

CATCH is a valuable tool for all schools and education professionals wishing to take a trauma-informed approach in their work supporting children who have been adopted, are looked after or have a social worker.


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What is CATCH?

CATCH provides:

  • Unlimited access to eLearning courses on key topics
  • Unlimited access to live webinars
  • Unlimited access to library of webinars, videos and audio interviews
  • Unlimited access to downloadable content
  • Quarterly education newsletters
  • Training resources
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) content

Who uses CATCH?

Who uses CATCH? Teachers and designated teachers
Who uses CATCH? Learning support assistants and SENCOs
Who uses CATCH? Parents and social workers
Who uses CATCH? Teaching assistants and Governors

Why join CATCH?

  • It helps teachers implement better strategies for children challenged with attention, behaviour, social and emotional issues.
  • It is an effective use of pupil premium.
  • It provides the required evidence of the use of pupil premium.
  • Resources can be used for inset day training.
  • 24/7 access to unlimited eLearning courses and webinars.

CATCH will help education professionals to:

  • Become trauma informed

  • Understand the impact of childhood trauma, abuse and neglect

  • Understand the behaviours children who have experienced trauma may exhibit

  • Learn how they can best support a child who has experienced trauma

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