Information for fostering agencies

CATCH – Children And Trauma Community Hub – helps foster carers understand children in their care including:

  • Babies and children at various life stages

  • Teenagers

  • Sibling groups

  • Children with additional needs

  • Unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

CATCH (formerly The Adopter Hub) was originally developed in 2017 with a grant from the Department of Education. It has now grown to include hundreds of pages of information relevant to foster carers in recognition of the vital role they play in helping and protecting children in care.

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What is CATCH?

CATCH provides:

  • Unlimited access to eLearning courses on key topics
  • Unlimited access to live webinars
  • Unlimited access to library of webinars, videos and audio interviews
  • Unlimited access to downloadable content
  • Training resources
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) content

Who uses CATCH?

Who uses CATCH? Short term foster carers and long term foster carers
Who uses CATCH? Emergency foster carers and Early Permanence carers
Who uses CATCH? Respite foster carers and Remand foster carers

Why use CATCH?

CATCH provides foster carers with an understanding of:

  • Children with challenging behaviour

  • Children with additional needs, including FASD and sensory processing difficulties

  • The importance of race and how to talk to children about racism

  • The challenges of eating disorders, sleep routines and getting children dressed

  • Children who have experienced domestic and sexual abuse

  • The teenage years, including attachment disorders, mental health, identity and how to help them thrive

CATCH helps foster carers to:

  • Become trauma informed

  • Understand the impact of childhood trauma, abuse and neglect

  • Understand the behaviours children who have experienced trauma may exhibit

  • Learn practical strategies on how they can best support a child who has experienced trauma and loss

  • Learn about County Lines, gangs and how they exploit vulnerable children and adults, and how to protect them

  • Understand the impact of social media and why it can play such a key role in children’s social lives

What does CATCH cost?

PACT (Parents And Children Together) is a charity that developed CATCH to support adoptive families and those looking after children in care. What is important to us is that the incredible resources currently available, and that continue to be developed on CATCH, are used to improve the outcomes for all children, including those in foster care.

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